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“It was lovely meeting you in person and to have the opportunity of going through the Lasting Power Attorneys (LPA). You have such a professional and personable approach that is so beneficial to working in partnership with clients such as myself. You inspire confidence and put me at ease. You are a credit to your profession.”
Mr M.Green
“On behalf of my father, brother and myself, we’d like to thank you for your fantastic professional service and the kindness you have shown to us at a difficult time. We would be happy to recommend you to others.”
“Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me in sorting out my late husbands wishes. You have been amazing! I recommend you to everyone I know, everyone I spoke to was always so polite and helpful. You really do offer the most amazing service. Exactly what one needs at a very stressful time.”
Mrs E – Hampton Hill
“Firstly I would like to thank you for your help and support and the empathy you have showed along the way. I would have no hesitation recommending your service to other people. I am pleased the GOP documents have now arrived and I can move forward on behalf of my family”
“Thank you for all of the help and assistance you have given me over the last four months, it has been very much appreciated.”
Mr O, Walton
“Thank you for all your help with this matter. Your support has made this whole dreadful process smooth and painless.”
Mrs D, Sunbury
“I would like to thank you so much for sorting out probate so quickly. Thanks for all your help it was much appreciated at this difficult time, I will be recommending you to my friends.”
Mrs B, Windsor
“A first class, professional, fixed-fee service….stress free from start to finish.”
Mrs C, Ashford
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When a family member or loved one dies, dealing with estate administration can be a daunting task and is often the last thing on a person’s mind. We offer an efficient, professional and above all personal service to make your life easier at such a distressing time.

The process of administering an estate is commonly known as ‘Probate’ and involves:

  • ascertaining the value of the Deceased’s assets and liabilities;
  • dealing with the Inland Revenue Inheritance Tax return;
  • preparing the probate papers;
  • applying to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration
  • collecting in the assets of the estate and settling the liabilities once the Grant is received.

Probate will be required to:

  • sell or transfer a house
  • sell or transfer shares
  • in most cases to close bank accounts

The assistance required by the Executors will depend on:

  • the finances of the Deceased
  • the terms of the Will
  • the family circumstances
  • how much work the Executors are willing or able to do
£350 +VAT / £420 INC VAT

Executors prepare all probate forms

Executors make a personal application to the probate registry

We will check the forms are completed correctly

Responsibility for the application remains with Executors.

£1000 +VAT / £1200 INC VAT

Executors responsible for registering death with all asset holders

Executors establish the assets and liabilities at date of death

We will complete the probate papers, Inheritance tax forms and apply for the Grant of Probate.

£1500 +VAT / £1800 INC VAT
This is our most complete service, relieving you of the heavy burden of dealing with the estate when your thoughts are elsewhere. It ensures that probate is obtained quickly and efficiently.

We will register the death certificate with the asset holders

We will ascertain the date of death assets and liabilities of the estate

We will complete all the probate papers, Inheritance Tax forms and apply for the Grant of Probate.



When dealing with the disposal of an estate, there is often a need for a property valuation or sale. Our preferred estate agent for this work is Curchods. Our shared core values and established business partnership relationship allow our clients to benefit from preferential commission rates.

Get the right valuation to save tax

Getting the right valuation for probate can result in Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax savings. It is really important that your estate agent is familiar with the probate process and works together with your legal adviser, in order to achieve the best tax saving result possible in each individual circumstance.



Only 30% of people in this country have made a Will. This is because we do not like thinking about death and we are unaware of the importance of having a professionally drafted Will. Once a person overcomes their fears and makes a Will they find that it is a positive step that gives them great peace of mind. They are reassured that their affairs are in order.

If you die without a Will you die “intestate”, which means:

  • the intestacy laws set out which of your family members inherit, and the amount
  • your spouse will not necessarily inherit all of your estate
  • if you are unmarried, your Partner will not inherit anything

A legally valid Will, carefully prepared by a qualified expert Solicitor, will ensure that:

  • you provide for your loved ones in the way you wish
  • you choose the Executors who will administer your estate
  • you choose the Guardians for your minor children
  • you can take steps to reduce the Inheritance Tax payable

You can also choose to appoint Lodge Brothers Legal Services as the Executors of your Will. We will ensure that your estate is dealt with promptly and efficiently so that your loved ones do not have the responsibility but do receive their inheritance as quickly as possible.

Fixed fee for a single Will starting from £325 +VAT (£390 inc. VAT).
Fixed fee for mirror Wills starting from £500 +VAT (£600 inc. VAT).

All our fees are fixed and agreed in advance.

For a free no obligation quote,
call Sophie or Emily on020 3540 6658
For a free no obligation quote,
call Sophie or Emily on020 3540 6658



A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a legal document that lets you appoint another person, the attorney, to make financial and/or welfare decisions on your behalf, if in the future you become unable or unwilling to make your own decisions.

There are 2 types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:

Property and Financial Affairs

  • gives your Attorney authority to deal with your property and finances
  • can be used whether or not you lack mental capacity
  • your Attorney will be able to manage your bank account, pay your bills, collect your pension and sell your home

Health and Welfare

  • allows your Attorney to make welfare and health care decisions for you, including decisions about life sustaining treatment
  • can only be used if you lack mental capacity to make your own decisions
  • your Attorney can make decisions about your daily routine, medical care and care home

If an LPA is not in place when mental capacity is lost, an application must be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputy to be appointed. This is a complicated and costly process, and the Court of Protection will be involved on an ongoing basis.

We can advise on making LPA’s, prepare the documents and deal with registration at the Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”).

All our fees are fixed and agreed in advance starting from £475 +VAT (£570 inc. VAT) plus OPG registration fee of £82.

Lodge Brothers Legal Services is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority